Rescuing the Gentle Giants

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1. Please provide a brief summary of your video and research.

The scientific basis for giant clam reproduction and aquaculture is well understood. However, methods for restoring depleted clam populations by recruiting juveniles back to marine habitats remains elusive. This video illustrates a simple and inexpensive method for relocating juvenile clams directly onto reef substrata. The method and area of research is relevant because giant clam populations throughout the Indo-Pacific are facing local extinctions. Human intervention in restoring populations of these ecologically, economically and nutritionally significant bivalves is critical to reversing that trend.

2. Do you have a video hashtag for sharing via twitter?

Unfortunately, no. I do not use twitter. I will, however eventually post the video on YouTube.


Mark Costello
9 months ago

Wonderful clear example of how to practically restore a spectacular, beautiful and ecologicallly important species in coral reefs. Beautiful shots but also show how easy this work is, given a local supply of clams from the hatchery. Narrated with clarity and I hope this know-how spreads throughout the region. I can see tourists at the islands and hotel resorts clamouring to be able to do something practical and pleasurable to restore the reef ecosystem. Thank you for an inspiring video!

Hanieh Saeedi
9 months ago

A brilliant video which made me just think of how easily and efficiently we could protect and preserve our marine environment, rather having very expensive and long-term plans. The video by itself was very clear in terms of concepts and narration which makes it much easier for even non-native speakers to understand the importance of the research and the great results. As a malacologist I should admire this piece of ecologically and economically important research and the great effort which have been undertaken and showed in this video to restore the giant clam population. A great inspiring video for both the scientists and the public.

korra king
about 1 month ago

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Ph.D. title: Reducing larval mortality and increasing recruitment success of Tridacna spp. (giant clams) Principal Supervisor: Dr. Mark Costello Co-Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Jeffs Biography: Foll...

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